About Us

The Playground is proudly owned and operated by kiwis Aaron and Penny.

Aaron and I relocated to Queenstown in 2002, today we call Frankton home along with our two boys, Angus and Benji. The Playground isn't just a business for us; it's a part of  who we are, as is often the case for small business owners. Our entire family has played a role in its creation, building it from the ground up and overcoming numerous challenges along the way.

When we're not at The Playground, our family is usually out on an adventure, whether it's exploring new destinations, fishing, hiking, or enjoying time on the boat.

In 2014, with two toddlers, we transformed the paintball field we had owned for three years into The Playground. Our vision was to fashion a haven where events such as staff parties and stag parties would transcend the realm of mere alcohol consumption. We aspired to provide a venue where groups could congregate to engage in affordable distinctive activities, camaraderie, share laughter, and forge indelible memories all the in spirit of play.

As The Playground continued to expand, what resonated most deeply with us was the remarkable transformation we witnessed in our visitors. After participating in our activities, individuals emerged with a newfound radiance, filled with laughter and vitality, as if the burdens of stress and worries had simply melted away. In a world where an increasing number of people grapple with mental health challenges, it was incredibly gratifying to know that we had found a way to positively impact people's overall well-being.

Over summer seasons The Playground has 3 or 4 people join our team. We love the opportunity to bring others into our Playground world. Our team is often comprised of young, aspiring individuals, and we view their time at The Playground as an opportunity to help them thrive and acquire skills that will support them in their future endeavours.

Come visit us at The Playground, where we've created more than a business; we've crafted a sanctuary of joy, laughter, and well-being for our community.

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