Archery Combat


Duration: 1 hour
Numbers: 6 - 24 people at one time
Minimum Age: 8 years
Price: $35 per person
Combo Prices: Save $10 per person, with every additional activity you book.
Group Types: All group types, social and corporate
Points to Consider: Great for team building. Suitable for all fitness levels

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Archery combat is easy to play and highly addictive.

Archery Combat is the perfect mix of the agility of dodgeball and the precision of paintball, but with a bow and foam-tipped arrow! It will bring out the competitive side in anyone.

Two teams face off, firing foam-tipped arrows to eliminate opponents in thrilling battles. The goal: hit them while avoiding getting hit yourself – pure adrenaline and action!
Archery Combat at The Playground is known for its lively rivalry and intense, up-close action. Banter flows as players engage in close-quarters combat creating a great environment for groups to bond and reconnect.

Firing the bows is a breeze, and with practice, you'll become a sharpshooter. Game objectives vary, from eliminating the opposing team to hitting specific targets – we keep it fresh for different groups.

Safety is paramount: protective glasses or masks are a must. Our designated arena offers cover and obstacles for strategic manoeuvres. No need for top fitness levels, just pure fun!

Join us at our custom arena, nestled between Arrowtown and Queenstown.

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What people say:

"Such a fun experience. We had a group of 18 people, including kids and adults. It was a lot of fun, I didn’t realise how much I would love these activities. The combat archery brought out our competitive side ? Never seen human foosball like this before, great fun. Thank you." - Deborah R  (Tripadvisor Review)

"Team had so much fun. Had an awesome time here with work mates. We did the ropes course and the combat archery had a heap of fun and then had a bbq and beers after. Would 100% recommend to anyone looking for a group option." - Michael (Tripadvisor Review)

"Loved it!!! Our whole office did an all evening event for a staff party- games were amazing, especially the bows and arrows dodgeball game and the facilitators were great and made sure we had a good time. Location was beautiful I highly recommend for group functions." - Austin Rogers (Google Review)

What is this Archery Game

What is this Archery Game

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