How many people do I need?

We require a minimum of 6 people for a game to run.

What is your age limit on the activities?

We require all customers to be 8 years and older for Bubble Soccer, Archery Combat and Human Foosball. All paintball customers must be 10years or older. Children between 10 and 16 years require a guardian to sign our waiver.

Do you have eftpos facilities?

Yes, we expect eftpos, visa and master card.

Will I fit in the Bubble?

The Bubbles are of a dimension that is restricting for some bigger people, however in saying that we have seen some impress effects. “When there is a will, there is a way.”

Are the activities safe?

Yes. Like anything there is always a risk of injury, however these risk are minimised by our strict safety guidelines.

What if I get claustrophobic in the bubble?

This is a regular problem. Generally after getting out and realising that you can get out quickly people overcome this. However if you don’t it’s not a problem, you will be refunded in full and can watch the entertainment unfold. 

Are the bows and arrows hard to use?

Not at all. Actually they are pretty easy. Most people get the hang of it within a few minutes.

Can you come to our private venue?

Yes we can. We will need to check the venue is suitable before hand, and we may require a small travel fee depending on location but we are happy to.

Does Bubble Soccer and Archery Combat Hurt?



Can I play Bubble Soccer if I’ve had a neck or back inquiry?

Please talk to the staff as every case in unique.




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