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How many people do you need to play?

We require a minimum of 6 people for an activity to run. Each activity can hold 24 people.  

We can cater to up to 200 people on site at anyone time.  We are happy to discuss other options for large groups.

Can we play if it's raining?

If is just drizzle we are happy to run if your group wants to, however if it rains we will need to cancel the booking and refund you the deposit or postpone the booking.


What is the age limit on the activities?

We require all customers to be 8 years and older for Ropes Challenge, Bubble Soccer, Archery Combat and Human Foosball.

All Paintball customers must be 10 years or older.

Children aged between 8 and 16 years require a guardian to sign our waiver, before participating in any activity.

Do you accept Eftpos onsite?

Yes, we accept Eftpos, Visa and Mastercard. There are a number of ATM cash machines in Queenstown, which you can withdraw cash from, before coming out to site, if required.

Is this a goodplace to bring a family?

The Playground is a great place to bring your family that has children over the age of 8 years old to come to bond.  We often have families or groups of families come up to The Playground. Our activities are great option as a way to celebrate a family birthday together, or for family to reconnect at a reunion while in Queenstown.

Are the activities safe?

Yes. Like with any outdoor activity, there is always a small risk of injury or accident, however, these risks are minimised, as much as possible, by our strict safety guidelines and monitored by our onsite team. Our Health and Safety record is impeccable.

Can The Playground come to me, at our private venue?

Yes we can! We will need to check that the venue is suitable and safe, before hand, and we may charge a small travel fee, depending on location, but we are more than happy to bring the action to you and look forward to sharing The Playground with somewhere new!

Will I fit inside the Bubble?

Our Bubbles are of a dimension that some bigger people may find restrictive. We do not have a size or height limit and have seen some pretty impressive efforts, from those who are keen to squeeze themselves into the Bubbles, to join in a game of Bubble Soccer. We're big believer's in the saying “where there's a will, there's a way”!

What if I get claustrophobic inside the Bubble?

This is a pretty common question for us. If you don't tend to suffer from claustrophobia, you should be fine - especially since our Bubbles are completely see through and you are easily able to talk and hear others whilst inside them. If you do start feeling a little restricted, generally, after getting out and realising that it's pretty easy to slip the Bubbles on and off quite quickly, most people overcome this worry and get on with the game. However, if you do decide it’s not for you, that's not a problem; you'll be refunded in full and can watch the entertainment unfold from the sidelines.

Are the bows and arrows hard to use?

Not at all! Actually they are pretty easy, once our team has given you a briefing and demo. Most people get the hang of it within a few minutes and are off shooting the enemy before they know it!

Does Bubble Soccer and Archery Combat Hurt?

No! We pride ourselves on the fact that our activities are as safe as possible and the fact that people keep coming back to play our games, time and time again, reassures us that they're totally pain-free!

Can I play Bubble Soccer if I’ve had a neck or back inquiry?

Until we have a bit more information about your physical situation, we wont be able to answer this question. Please get in touch via phone or email, to have a chat with our team, as every case is unique and we don't want to put anyone at risk.

Host a unique and fun Corporate Team Building Event at The Playground

If you want to try a fun and quirky corporate team building experience, you'll find just that when you host your event at The Playground, Queenstown. Bring colleagues together in a relaxed, playful setting that promotes bonding and teamwork, with a range of games and adventure activities that will get everyone laughing and thinking outside the box.

Do you offer Corporate Team Building activities in Queenstown?

  • Yes! We do offer team building activities for corporate groups at The Playground, Queenstown and, not only that, but we also highly recommend it for any company that wants to encourage a creative, fun experience, that promotes friendship and creativity among co-workers.

  • We offer a range of options to combine into a full-day package for corporate team bonding events. From silly games like Bubble Soccer and Archery Combat, to adventure-based activities like our Ropes Challenge, everything is accessible to people of all ages and fitness levels.

  • Hosting a team building day at The Playground is a unique and fun way to foster community in a corporate group, that allows people to relax and create friendly connections, in a safe and playful environment. We're sure that a day spent with us in the beautiful outdoors will translate to increased comfort and collaboration among co-workers, when they're back in the office.

  • Depending on your company's goals for your team building day, we can customise your activities to suit your group's demographics and objectives for the event. We have many years of experience working with corporate team building events, so we draw on this knowledge to point you in the right direction, to get the most out of your activities at The Playground.

Can you accommodate our Queenstown conference?

Chances are that we can almost certainly accommodate your Queenstown conference, but you can always get in touch to ask us a question, if you have a specific request. These are few ways we have been able to tailor our services to cater for corporate conferences in the past:

  • Select from our range of activities, to best suit the purposes of your conference or event. We offer activities such as Bubble Soccer, Archery Combat, Human Foosball, Ropes Challenge, Horizontal Bungee, Adventure Team Challenge and Paintball, amongst other games, that we can combine, according to your preferences and abilities.

  • We can provide a pickup and drop off service in our bus for your event at The Playground. Many companies hosting conferences in the past have found this especially helpful for any conference attendees who have come from out-of-town and are staying at a hotel, without access to a vehicle. We are happy to pick up attendees, so long as the size of your group doesn't exceed our capacity. Be sure to ask us about this when you are booking.

  • If you want to have a BBQ, or are arranging catering, as part of your corporate conference at The Playground, we are happy to oblige and help facilitate this. We offer dining amenities on our site, whether you want to bring your own food or are having a catered lunch.

What do we need to bring for our team building activities at The Playground?

If you're ready to book your corporate team building day at The Playground, you'll need to know what to bring, to make the most of your activities and, more importantly, what to leave behind!

DO bring a group of at least six participants, as our games require a minimum of six people to run.

DO leave the business attire, high heels, ties and suits at the office and wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing suitable for outdoor activity.

If you plan on hosting a barbecue lunch after your activities at The Playground, DO remember to bring along the food and beverages you'll need.

Most importantly, DO bring a sense of adventure, curiosity and playfulness, to get the most out of what promises to be a fun-filled day with a lot of laughter and team bonding.

When we started The Playground, we envisioned that we could bring groups of people together to have fun letting loose, working in teams and learning about themselves and each other. After many years doing this, we're confident that we've been successful in our mission, but we invite you to find out for yourself.

If you have questions about hosting a corporate team building event at The Playground, contact us to arrange your booking.

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