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What's this Archery game?

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You are a little bit hesitant. After all who has heard of Archery Combat? All you know is it's a cross between dodgeball and paintball.

You get a safety briefing and are shown how to use the bow and arrow. Then after a few practice shots to check you can fire the thing, you are split into two teams and sent out onto the field.

Hold up.... you aren’t allowed to start with an arrow! What's going on?

In Archery Combat you must earn your arrow! Starting behind the bunkers with only your bow and mask, as the whistle blows you have to run and collect an arrow from the middle of the field. On your way back to safety you better watch out as arrows are already flying everywhere.

Flashbacks of games in the school yard come rushing back! Adrenaline is starting to pump as you have to remember how to fire the arrow while being shot at, and now you have to retrieve another one. Before you know it team members have been hit and are on the side counting on you to get them back in. Now the pressure is really on!

While dodging arrows you have to either shoot out the targets on the field or catch an arrow to get your team mates back in. Shooting the targets sounds easy enough, but is it? If you catch an arrow your whole team are allowed back in. Can you do it?

And just when you think you have that awesome shot, out of no where you are hit flush between the eyes, (“that explains the mask!”). Lets hope your team mates can get you back in.

While this is going on, you have the opposition giving you heaps, your team mates are trying to come up with a plan to win, and everyone is getting very competitive. it’s all go and by now you are hooked.