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Top Fun Hen's Do Activities in Queenstown

A hen's party in Queenstown that you will look back on without cringing.

My experience of Hens do’s/Bachelorette parties have involved wine tours, hens do games, penis straws and strippers. After a few they all become the same. To be honest I look at the Stag do’s that visit The Playground and think to myself, “I would prefer to go on the stag do than the hen’s do.” - They look so much more fun.

There has been a big change in Stag do’s over the last ten years. Stag do’s used to be about seeing how much alcohol you can drink in the day while humiliating the stag. Now don’t get me wrong there is still a large among of humiliation in there and a fair amount of alcohol but somehow it has changed.  Now it’s  more about spending the day having a laugh with your mates while doing some activities.

This change in behaviour can also be seen the Hens/ bachelorette parties we host. The girls are becoming more outgoing and adventurous. My kind of Hen’s do.

We have put together some great new party options to keep up demand for more adventurous hen’s/ bachelorette parties.

Archery Combat at The Playground ($30 per person). 

Archery combat has quickly become our most popular activity. It’s fast action, fun and doesn’t hurt like paintball. It is great for group bonding and don’t think this one is just for the guys. It is very popular with the girls as well.

Bubble Soccer at The Playground ($30 per person).

Bubble Soccer is just hilarious. Running and bumping into each other while playing a number of different games always gets the giggles going. Or the none contact options is also very popular with the girls of doing rollypollies, kartwheelies and flips.

Ropes Challenge at The Playground ($30 per person)

Our ropes challenge has a range of components that help extend participants problem solving/ planning skills and self confidence. The course has varying low elevations designed to mentally and physically test participants balance, strength, agility and co-ordination.  

Pole Dancing at Queenstown Pole studio ($40 per person minimum of 10 people)

On arrival you get a free glass of bubbles, then you are taught a routine on the pole, before having a pole off.

Horse Riding  with High Country Horses from $175 per person.

Enjoy the stunning scenery of the top of the lake with picturesque Mountain views, and glacial fed river-crossings. Be captivated by stories of the area, rich history and many filming locations from Lord Of The Rings. A magical ride with experienced riders having the opportunity to canter and beginners have the chance to learn. Come and have a REAL Kiwi experience!

Ziptrek from $139 per person

Zipline tours at Ziptrek is a spectacular eco-adventure through the forest canopy high above Queenstown, situated on Skyline Gondola hill.

Ten pin Bowl from $12 per person

Challenge your friends to a game or 2 of Ten pin bowling, who can get a strike and who will strike out.

Clay Bird Shooting $99 per person

A taster at a varying range of clay targets, and full instruction and coaching will guarantee the competitive streak comes out in the group! Shoot a scored 16 target competition on a variety of clays, guaranteed to provide laughs for a while!

Shotover Canyon Swing $229 and Fox $165 per person

Whether the swing or the fox you choose one thing is clear, you will have a adrenaline full experience like none other. The banter and bonding with excitement or, and fear makes this a great choose.

White Water Rafting with Queenstown Rafting $229 per person

White water rafting journey through the spectacular Skippers Canyon on the famous Shotover river. The adrenaline pumps as you paddle through the exhilarating rapids.

Luging up the Skyline from $49 per person

Take the driving seat with the gravity-fuelled Skyline Luge. Racing your friends down the Luge is always a good laugh.



If you are needing transport to get around talk to Matty Rhodes at Easy Queenstown. He’ll get you sorted.

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So lets plan these hen’s do so they can be talked about for years to come.