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The Top, Most Fun Hen's Do Activities in Queenstown

Hoping for a Hen's Party in Queenstown, that you'll look back on for years to come without cringing?!

Most women's experiences of Hen Do’s and Bachelorette parties involve wine tours, standard Hen Do games, lots of penis straws and the cheapest stripper your mates can get hold of! After a few, they all start to blend into one.

At The Playground, most ladies look at the Stag Do’s that visit our site and often say to us that they'd much prefer to go on our Stag Do's, than the usual Hen’s Do, because 'they just look so much more fun'! We couldn't agree more, our Stag Do's are awesome fun, but we're not just all about the boys, we offer the same amazing activities for the groups of lovely ladies that visit our site and boring Hen Do's are a thing of the past!

There's been a big change in Stag Do’s over the last ten years. They used to be all about seeing how much alcohol people could drink during a day and humiliating the Stag as much as possible. Now, don’t get us wrong, we're still up for a bit of classic humiliation and banter, but we're way more into allowing groups to spend the day having a laugh and promoting enjoying quality time with your mates, all while doing some pretty sweet activities.

This change in behaviour can also be seen the Hen's and Bachelorette parties we host. Girls are becoming more outgoing and adventurous and they're our kind of Hen Do's!

We've put together some great new party options to keep up with the demand for more adventurous, adrenalin-filled, awesome as Hen Do's and Bachelorette parties (and we think we've nailed it!) Bring your groups of girls along and choose from a combination of any of the following:

Archery Combat for just $35 per person

Archery Combat has quickly become our most popular activity at The Playground. It’s fast action, high fun and doesn’t hurt like traditional Paintball. The foam arrows that we use in this game wont leave huge bruises either, so that outfit you've got planned for your night out in Queenstown, later that evening, will still look amazing! Archery Combat is great for group bonding and, don’t think this one is just for the guys, shooting each other seems to be very popular with the girls, too!

Bubble Soccer for only $35 per person

Bubble Soccer is, plain and simply, just hilarious. Running and bumping into each other, wearing an inflatable giant ball outfit, while playing a number of different games always seems to get the giggles going. For the more reserved in your group, our range of non-contact options are also very popular and bring back those school yard memories of doing rollypollies, cartwheels and flips.

Ropes Challenge a bargain at $35 per person

Our Ropes Challenge has a range of components that challenge and develop participants' problem solving and planning skills, as well as self-confidence - and who doesn't like a bit of an ego boost?! Our course has varying low elevation levels, designed to mentally and physically test participants balance, strength, agility and co-ordination. As well as having heaps of fun working together to make it to the end of the course, you'll also get a workout in - bonus!

Pole Dancing at Queenstown Pole studio - 

Although this activity isn't at The Playground, we couldn't recommend it more! On arrival, you'll all get a free glass of bubbles, before you're taught a routine on the pole. Finish things off with a pole-off and a whole heap of laughing, before you head into town, to take your moves to the masses!

Horse Riding with High Country Horses 

While you're in Queenstown, you'd be silly not to enjoy the stunning scenery that surrounds you. The Playground is situated at the bottom of the beautiful Coronet Peak, but if you head out to the top of the lake for a ride with the High Country team, you'll get to take in picturesque mountain views and experience glacial-fed river-crossings. As well as getting back to nature, you'll be captivated by stories of the area, hear about the region's rich history and get to see many of the filming locations from hollywood blockbusters (including Lord of the Rings!) This magical ride will give the experienced riders in your group the opportunity to canter and beginners the chance to learn. Enjoy a real Kiwi experience and make some memories that your group will cherish forever.

Ziptrek Eco Tour -  

If you haven't had enough adrenaline at The Playground, your group of fun-loving ladies can head to Ziptrek, at the top of Skyline's Gondola on Bob's Peak to enjoy an exhilirating Zipline tours, through the spectacular forest canopy high above Queenstown. Best of all, Ziptrek pride themselves on being eco-friendly and super sutainable, so you'll get all of the thrills, plus the good feels.

Ten Pin Bowling -

If you're still up for another challenge, after your time at The Playground, grab your girlfriends for a game or 2 of Ten Pin Bowling. Place bets on who'll get a strike and who will strike out - loser buys the shots!

Clay Bird Shooting 

Once you've honed your shooting skills at The Playground, head out of town for some clay bird shooting. The session will include targets, full instruction and coaching that will guarantee your competitive streak comes out!

Shotover Canyon Swing and Fox

Whether you choose to do a Swing or Fox, one thing will stay the same - you'll have an unforgettable adrenaline-filled experience like no other! The combination of banter and bonding, while gazing out over the Shotover Canyon (and maybe plunging into it!) makes this a great choice for any Hen's group.

White Water Rafting with Queenstown Rafting -

If you're lucky enough to have a few days to spend in Queenstown and are looking to up-the-ante after a day at The Playground, why not head out on a White Water Rafting trip through the spectacular Skippers Canyon and see the famous Shotover River first-hand! Your groups of girls will have to work as a team, as to make it through the roaring rapids.

Luging -

Top your trip off by taking the driving seat in a gravity-fuelled Luge cart. Who say's racing is only for boys?! Head up to Skyline and race your friends down the scenic Luge track and enjoy heaps of laughs on the way. There's even the chance to grab a photo memory of your day, to put it the wedding album!



If your group doesn't fancy driving and are needing transport to get around, talk to Matty Rhodes at Easy Queenstown. He’ll get you sorted, so you can let the champagne flow!


Affordable Accommodation

These options are great for groups who want to save their money for activities and cocktails and be able to laugh about the good times they've had before they fall asleep, in shared accommodation

Pinewood Lodge

Base Hostel

Nomads Hostel

Reavers Lodge and Apartments

Blue Peak Lodge

Adventure Queenstown Hostel

Tahuna Pod Hostel


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