Archive: July, 2020

Resilience and Personal Strength Program

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Empower and Inspire

What is it:

This program is implemented through the use of our Ropes Challenge and Archery Combat. While doing these activities we teach key components of resilience and the importance of identifying personal strengths in a challenging but fun real life situation.

 How do we do it:

The Ropes Challenge has some components that are more challenging than others, depending on individuals personal strengths, ie some are better at the balance aspects, upper or lower body strength or confidence. We use the areas that are more challenging to teach participates resilient skills through use of keys phases, and practical actions.

Then we move to the Archery Combat where we discuss the different skills needed in a archery combat game. Some participates are better at shooting targets, while others are great at catching arrows or retrieving/ dodging arrows etc. The importance of these different strengths is highlighted, and how your teams needs to work together to draw on each others strengths to play the game well.

After the activities are completed we discuss implementing what we have learnt in a real life situations to get the most out of life.