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Offsite Activities

Need Permission to Play?

Have an awesome location already lined up and looking for some team building or entertainment? The Playground can do all that and MORE!

If you can't make it to where we are, don't worry, we're pro's at bringing The Playground's awesome activities right to your door.

We have a large number of mobile activities that we can easily pack up in our trailer and bring to your location. Whether you're having a party, a wedding, a team building event, or just want a break in the middle of a group conference, we can make it happen.

We've set up before in places including Skippers Canyon, NZ High Country, local sports fields, wineries, wedding venues, private accommodation and many more. We love getting out and about.  And we are happy to travel. We have been to Wanaka, Nasby, up the West Coast and many other locations in Central Otago.

Flick us an email and we'll send you over a list of prices for our tailored, mobile options in your location.

Click on the below activities to find out more about what we can offer and book yours today!