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Corporate Social Responsibility

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The Playground has teamed up with Wakatipu Wildlife Trust to offer a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program.

This is relative to both The Playground as the area where our business is located is the foothills of Coronet Peak, home to so much wild life. Also to us as the owner of The Playground, we come from farming backgrounds and spend our spare time enjoying our spectacular region, so want to protect it for future generations.

Wakatipu Wildlife trust vision is to create and maintain the predator-free environment throughout the greater Lake Wakatipu area to enable our birds and other native wildlife to flourish. They are a non profit organisation that is filling the gaps, towards a predator free Wakatipu. This is done through trapping programs.

The Playground offers corporate groups the chance to give back to this beautiful region by helping protect the very vulnerable wild life against the predictors that threaten their lives.

We offer groups two options:

1 option:

Donate money for traps. The Doc 200 is a humane trap that is is used to trap Stoats and rats. The area could do with more traps but because this is a non profit organisation the purchase of traps is dependent on funds. So corporate groups can donate money to buy 1 or more traps $150 each. We would give an education session to the group about predator’s in the area and way they are a problem to our Wild life and Native NZ. This options takes about 20 minute duration.

2 option:

Along with donating money for traps, groups can come on a walk along a trap line and reset the traps, learning about the process while being educated on the program and the huge benefits it has for our wild life, especially our birds. Getting a hands on experience. This options takes about 1 hour duration.


Trapping and killing animals is not everyone's cup of tea but it is hugely important to the sustainability of NZ's wild life. All animals are disposed of in a respectful manner by being buried.

If your Corporate group are interested in give back to the region while not needing to spend a lot of money or time talk to us about adding one of these options in conjunction with booking some team building activities at The Playground please contact us.

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