All Work and No Play

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Want to know what motivates people to work hard, other than earning a crust and putting food on the table and find out what makes them loyal to you and your organisation?

Showing appreciation for your team and creating a fun, social work environment can bring huge benefits to the team and company, as a whole. The old adage “those who play together, stay together” applies to workmates, as well as families and couples.

Finding ways for your team to have fun and get to know each other both inside and outside of the workplace has been proven to result in higher productivity levels, more job satisfaction and greater workplace morale, as well as a significant decrease in sick days, unexplained absences and staff turnover. What employer wouldn't want those things?!

One of the most common misconceptions about The Playground is that play is only important for kids. We want to dispell that myth! Just because you're an adult, that doesn't mean you have to take yourself too seriously and make life all about work. Here in Queenstown, better known as New Zealand’s playground, “big kids” come to play, all the time! The people that live here full time love to have a good time and have long enjoyed playing in our awesome backyard. Why don't you come and join us?!

Whether you’re the boss, planning your next team building day, or the Chair of the Social Club, responsible for sorting out the next staff work do, we reckon you should make sure you think twice about the importance of play. Play can help build stronger relationships, solidify friendships and improve teamwork.

While a night out at the pub can be a bit of a laugh, the sore heads the next day, late appearances at the office and those dodgy work party stories, don’t always get the result you were hoping for. Adding play into your team event and spending some time at The Playground will, not only, ensure that you staff have a great day out, but will also show your team members just how much you value their contribution to your business. 

Often, one of the problems that most people face organising a great group event in Queenstown, is finding something affordable that fits the company budget. That’s where The Playground blows other options out of the water! We offer groups multiple activities to choose from, at prices which were designed to suit a range of budgets. So, whether you choose to have your fun on the pitch, while playing Bubble Soccer, want to vent some frustration, by flinging arrows at your team mates during a game of Archery Combat, or fancy blasting them with bullets during a game of Paintball, we have a whole range of unique activities that keep the laughs coming, without breaking the bank.

At The Playground, we also offer some fantastic additional options for groups, including free group transport to our awesome site, as well as free use of our onsite BBQ facilities and the option to purchase food and drink at the neighbouring cafe. The Playground is Queenstown's best one-stop-shop for your next work function. Choose The Playground, when planning an awesome day out for your team and we guarantee that we'll make it a memorable event, that you (and your team!) will never forget.

Staff Do's at The Playground