Outdoor Team Building Activities

Improve morale with our range of AWESOME outdoor team building activities, at The Playground

You can transform your work team into a more cohesive group with some simple, outdoor, team building activities. These activities offer challenges that will enable different skills to develop in your staff and encourage a team-based mindset in a completely different way than you can typically get in a typical office-based setting. Continue reading to learn more about the team building activities we offer at The Playground.

What we offer for teams at The Playground

We have so many activities to choose from that it's hard to settle on one at first. You can choose from any of the following:

  • Bubble Soccer is a great way to unleash some silliness, under the guise of a physical challenge. Team up with your friends and overcome the other team, to get the highest score. Wrap your upper body with an inflatable ball that makes it harder than you realise to make it across the pitch, let alone score a goal!

  • Archery Combat is a safe way to test your skills with a bow and foam-tipped arrow. Make your mark as you test your accuracy and get up close for extra fun, to win the competition.

  • Our Ropes Challenge will test your limits of strength and agility, as you navigate your way across a series of challenging rope layouts. Envision how you'll make it across the low-height rope course and then put your plan into action and see how it holds up!

  • Human Foosball requires you and your team to work together as the figures on a foosball table, to score that winning goal. Embrace the hilarity and make it a game to remember.

  • Paintball, this classic team-based game will challenge both teams for dominance on the battlefield. The game rewards patience, accuracy and strategic thinking, so work with your team to secure a win.

  • Adventure Team Challenge is a taste of all the best bits from The Playground. The ultimate team building activity which ranges from individual challenges, to corporate group activities and will leave your group stronger than ever,

Each of these activities provides enough fun and team building to fill a few hours. If you just cant choose and want to combine multiple activities into a package, to get more value from a single visit, we're more than happy to make that happen.

The importance of team bonding activities

Activities are about more than just having a good time with your teammates; they can help see positive results in all of the following:

  • Improve your communication skills as you face challenges not unlike those you'd encounter in the workplace. Learn how you can better cooperate with co-workers, to overcome difficulties, by completing activities that engage your ability to work in unison.

  • Gain an appreciation for your co-workers skills that might not be so obvious in the workplace. It's also a great way to see them unwind and learn more about their personalities, in an informal setting.

  • Create memories that will last for years. You can look back on these activities with your colleagues and remember positive experiences outside the workplace, that will help you form a deeper connection.

Prepare for your visit to The Playground

The Playground offers excellent team building ideas in NZ for those workforces that want to develop a more robust and cooperative identity. Our extracurricular activities provide a new context for your team to deepen their collaborative relationships, whilst having fun. Spend an afternoon returning to a simpler, more play-based mindset and break up the monotony of the working week.

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