Our Plan For The Playground

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The Playground launched in December 2014 and initially began operating as a mobile service. However, our BIG plans to set the business up in a permanent location, with activities including Bubble Soccer, Archery Combat, Mountain Boarding and Paintball, are well on the way to being realised, at our beautiful site at the base of Coronet Peak.

As a family, as individuals and as business owners, we're all about Queenstown. We've been living here since 2002 and love this place, the views and the people. But, the one thing that we struggle with, like many others do too, is the cost of living in such a popular tourist destination. 

By setting up The Playground, we truly are aiming to make our activities affordable for everyone - both for groups who live in Queenstown and for those who are 'just visiting'. Unlike many other businesses, we don't have special "locals prices". We don't believe in penalising people for living out of town and our prices are our local prices, the tourists just get to enjoy them too!  

Before we were The Playground, we used to be known as Queenstown Paintball and one of the things we struggled with most was defining what 'local' really meant, when it came to pricing. We were lucky enough to get groups from all over New Zealand visiting our site and we struggled not letting those who'd travelled from an hour away get the benefit of paying the same price as those who'd come from Queenstown. 

So, our plan for The Playground was that anyone earning an average wage, no matter where they lived in the country, could afford to come and play our activities, as a reward for making the trip out to see us. We are set up for all types of groups, but Staff Do's, Stag and Hen Do's and Kid's Birthday Parties are our bread and butter, so we priced our activities accordingly, to make sure we'd continue to see them out enjoying our games.

Another of our key drivers is wanting The Playground to be part of the community and a go to for local Queenstowners. We aim to continue working towards this, whether we are at one of our mobile sites, or playing at our permanent location. 

We can't wait to see you and, hopefully, you can't wait to see what's next for The Playground!