Family Fun

We visited The Playground with a group of families recently when in Queenstown and it was the perfect combination of fun, challenge and competition we all needed and really enjoyed.

Our 10year old and 8year old loved challenging themselves on the ropes course. It was awesome to see their confidence and belief in themselves grow as they moved through the course. 

We also tried out the Archery Combat and Bubble Soccer activities. These activities provided a fantastic outlet for the kids’ competitive streak as well as having a lot of fun together as a family group (and against each other)! As the activities progressed you could see them learning from each game, and start to work on using new strategies and tactics in the next game to work better as a team to beat the opposing team.

We would highly recommend The Playground as a great family fun day out, when in Queenstown. It was really affordable and provides the opportunity to challenge yourself, work together as a team, and have some good old-fashioned competition and fun. We will definitely be back to play another day!!  -Hayley Mellon