Things to Do in Queenstown

What are the most fun things to do in Queenstown?

When you're trying to figure out things to do in Queenstown, you shouldn't ever feel as though you're out of options. Whether you're just stopping in for a visit, or are in charge of organising a local group outing, the process of finding something to do can feel frustrating — but it doesn't have to be that way; choosing how you'll spend your time in Queenstown should be part of the fun! In fact, all you need to do is look a little more closely and it will quickly become apparent that, in Queenstown, things to do this summer are in ample supply. Want to know what you can enjoy down here? Keep reading to find out!

Things to do in Queenstown

There's practically no end to the activities you can do and places you can explore, in and around the Wakatipu basin. Here are a few of the most popular choices:

  • Visit The Playground for a day of wild, fun-filled activities that are perfect for any group. Whether you're trying to think of Stag Do ideas, or planning a birthday party, The Playground has tonnes of activities that are ideal for both small and large groups. You'll feel like a kid again, in no time!

  • Hike the Ben Lomond Track. For those who love the outdoors and everything about our local environment, this all-day hike is tough to beat. At the end of a long climb, you'll be able to enjoy stunning views, breathtaking mountain ranges and, of course, the satisfaction of making it to the top. You might even get to meet a few cheeky Keas!

  • Enjoy some of the tastiest local fare that you'll ever find. No matter where you turn in Queenstown, there's no shortage of delicious food and uniquely indulgent treats. Whether you're returning from a long hike, or a busy day at a local attraction, finding good eats is easy here.

Queenstown - even more fun than you thought!

The Playground is one of the top attractions in the area, perfect for a Queenstown Buck's party, or any other group bash. Here's how we bring more fun than ever to Queenstown:

The Playground offers multiple activities that offer fun-filled chaos to groups, perfect for everyone from kids to adult co-workers. From Archery Combat (it's similar to Paintball), to life-sized Human Foosball and Bubble Soccer, with more surprises waiting in the wings, you can cut loose here in good company.

We're the perfect destination for team-building exercises, a great incentive for conferences, as well as a range of other corporate needs. Find out how to challenge your team to work together, under highly unique circumstances.

We welcome groups of almost any size and composition. We're proud to be an integrated part of the Queenstown community and are always excited to meet new people and show them just how fun Queenstown can be. You won't know what you're missing until you pay us a visit!

The Playground guarantee

Our team promises that you'll have an incredible time with us. Every single time. Whether you're interested in visiting Queenstown to explore our range of birthday party options, that include an afternoon engaging in the fun, chaotic antics that we put on for our guests, or searching for a way to foster teamwork and camaraderie among employees, we have something for everyone.

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