Queenstown Adventure

Make Memories to Last for Years with a Unique Queenstown Adventure

The comforts of society promise us freedom from the need to struggle for our basic needs, but Queenstown adventure packages tap into our core desire to overcome challenges. As a species, we thrive by succeeding against adversity, and structured games and sports like those at The Playground allow us to do just that in a unique atmosphere that takes us out of the everyday.

Planning Your Next Adventure in Queenstown

Adventures don't have to stay in books or movies. The Playground offers many activities from which you can choose to give your group an excellent time. Before you create your adventure, there are some logistical considerations to address:

  • Our Queenstown adventure packages give you the opportunity to book multiple activities for a single day. This approach is a great way to save money while giving your group entertainment and teambuilding activities in a concentrated dose.
  • We encourage larger groups to take advantage of our packages and have assembled some that are perfect for your events. These packages include hen and stag days, staff team building for your colleagues, corporate team building activities, tour groups and birthday parties for your kids.
  • Some of these activities can be physically demanding, so we recommend that you prepare your group for the challenge. Make sure that everyone has had a good night's sleep, has eaten enough, and stays hydrated throughout the day.
  • Our adventures are primarily designed for groups, so it's best to get your group together in advance. The more people you can gather, the easier it is to secure an activity exclusively for your group or to run an entire team rather than mixing with the other people who signed up for the same day.

With those logistics out of the way, it's time to move to the kinds of activities available at The Playground.

The Adventure Capital of the World

The Playground is your hub for adventure sports in Queenstown; we run several activities that are designed to exhilarate your group both as individuals and as a team.

  • Skill-testing games such as archery combat and paintball pit two teams against each other in a battle for dominance on the battlefield. Paintball is a classic option for accuracy and leaving a mark while archery combat is a new spin on dodgeball intended for teams.
  • Embrace your silly side with human foosball and bubble soccer, two activities that promote a friendly spirit of competition. Create hilarious moments as your players abide by the games' humorous restrictions and struggle to score goals.
  • Try the ropes challenge to test your dexterity and critical thinking. Plan your course before you hop on the ropes and see how many tries it takes before you make it across.

Why Trust The Playground Regarding Queenstown Adventure Activities?

Creating adventures is our focus; we concentrate exclusively on creating a welcoming and exciting atmosphere for people to enjoy these unique activities. We love working with groups and have been leading these adventures for years. Our staff is friendly and flexible, so let us help your group have a great time with a Queenstown adventure. Contact us to learn more or choose from the available dates to book your event.