Queenstown Attractions

Queenstown attractions don't have to be expensive to be mind-blowing!

Whether you're visiting Queenstown and looking for something fun to do while you're there, or shopping around for a unique idea for a child's birthday party, your search for the right Queenstown attraction can lead you in many different directions. From gorgeous hiking trails, to wineries and ski resorts, the area has a lot to offer - most of which comes with a price tag.

If you're not looking to blow the budget and are looking for an inexpensive activity, that groups of all ages and interests can enjoy, you might have found it surprisingly difficult to find what you're after. That is, until you found The Playground!

Attracting groups from around the world

Our Queenstown based, New Zealand inspired attractions are especially popular among locals and we often cater for regular customers, who come back to us every time they need to plan a corporate outing or party. However, we are also proud to be a unique tourist attraction, for visitors from around the world. Here are just a few reasons why they love making us a part of their New Zealand adventure:

  • We are affordable. We know that a vacation can easily become very expensive; especially when pricey attractions are part of the equation. Easily among the most affordable Queenstown attractions, our activities are great for big groups of visitors and will leave money in your pocket for postcards and souvenirs.
  • We are family-friendly. The Playground is the perfect place to visit if you are looking for a family-friendly Queenstown attraction. When you're travelling with kids or teenagers, finding something to do that everyone will enjoy seems impossible. Not only are our activities great for a broad range of ages, but we also have a lot of different activities for guests to choose from, making us the perfect, broadest appeal tourist destination, in the area.
  • We are all about fun! We are in this business because we love to have a good time and we love seeing other people have a good time, too! We want you to laugh hard, play hard and get up to all sorts of chaotic antics while you're with us. While safety is always our number one priority, our employees are laid-back and fun-loving and will do everything they can to make the most of your experience.

Whether you are a visitor to the area shopping for Queenstown attractions to fill your holiday, or a local looking for a fun way to spend an afternoon with a crowd, The Playground is the place to be.

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